A culture of creativity

With a global network of 11 strategically located studios and a global reach that stretches to over 60 countries, Benoy is an established design brand in its markets around the world.

Despite the diversity of its projects and the sheer extent of its presence, the company is united under its One Benoy Ethos.

Project teams are created from an international pool of talent, experience and personality, ensuring that the client is presented with the very best that Benoy has to offer.

The culture is one of creativity, collaboration and communication.


Design philosophy

Creativity and viability are not mutually exclusive. They are vital and complementary elements of ‘The Benoy Difference’.

Our global teams bring diverse experience to each project and share a variety of skills with each other as well as clients.

We draw on cultures and experiences from around the world and our expanding portfolio overseas has enabled us to forge links with clients and fellow professionals in many countries. We export our knowledge and expertise whilst importing new ideas via an on-going research programme. Most importantly, our clients benefit from this combination of local understanding and ‘Global vision’.



At Benoy we recognise that we have a responsibility to contribute to social, economic and environmental sustainability. We have therefore developed a policy to embed sustainable thinking within the culture of the firm.

We work closely with our clients and providers of expert knowledge to deliver more sustainable design solutions, relevant to the unique social, economic and environmental context of each project.

Responsible design practice is promoted by building on experience, encouraging education, the recruitment of new and complementary skills and, where necessary, collaboration with external experts.

We believe in leading by example. By improving the urban environment in which we live, we can leave a legacy of which we can be proud.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Working with the community, clients and colleagues, Benoy’s programme of charitable engagement is locally driven through each of its global studios.

Our engagement is more than just financial; we believe in sharing our expertise where we can make a difference and we actively look for opportunities to improve the built environment and to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate.

We work hard to ensure that we partner with charitable organisations that share our beliefs and principles and that the benefits to the community are measurable and lasting.

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