Inspiring, intelligent design

Architecture is at the heart of Benoy’s
offer and as a leading international studio, our Architects have accumulated an
award-winning portfolio which is inspiring and enduring. Whilst always seeking the creative, Benoy’s designs are founded on a deep understanding of a client’s current and future needs and ambitions.

Our goal is to assist, lead, even challenge, our clients to help them maximise the full aesthetic and economic potential of their architectural projects.

Our work is also grounded by our pursuit of understanding and respecting the natural and historic environment.

From the intimate and even avant-garde to the epic and more commercially driven, each project is led by a Benoy Director. Since every building or scheme is unique, design teams are hand picked and services are tailored to meet the very specific requirements.


Modern cityscapes

We draw upon our experience to ensure both human-scale and environmental awareness are inherent throughout the project, influencing the design of our modern cityscapes.

The harmonious relationship between a building and its setting is at the heart of our design.

Our belief is that the building’s ‘Skin’ plays a vital role in fulfilling this ambition. Innovative façades, injecting vitality and life with materials, textures and colour, reinforce the design, creating a successful dialogue with the immediate environment.